Head-Up Display (HUD) presents the driver with real time vehicle data projected directly on the windshield, thus eliminating the need to shift the driver’s line of vision. S-LEC™ Wedge Film for HUD is a leading technology and the latest solution, integrating newer technologies and providing a safer and more comfortable experience. Sekisui’s interlayer PVB Wedge films are available in the following options: Clear, Sound Acoustic, Solar Control, and Sound and Solar film.


A world's first created by combining three technologies

Sekisui S-Lec has successfully developed a wedge-shaped interlayer film for HUD that controls the appearance of double imaging and ghosting, while providing the benefits of sound and solar control. Sekisui’s comprehensive technology offerings for multilayer extrusion, nano-particle dispersion, solar control features, and sound insulation, provides solutions for even the most challenging design and performance applications.


Clearly displays information for the driver

Standard windshields cause projector images to appear as blurry, double images due to the refraction of light. HUD windshields with Sekisui S-Lec engineered wedge angle controls the refraction of light, enabling real time images to be projected clearly. S-LEC™ Wedge Film for HUD enhances visibility and contributes to a more comfortable and safer driving experience for the consumer.

Mission Leading Concept

Shields unnecessary noise and heat for the driver

As clearly demonstrated by the graphs, Sekisui has made it possible to have a film for HUD that combines a high level of sound insulation and solar-heat reducing performance.

Mission Leading Concept Mission Leading Concept

For more information about Sound Acoustic and Solar Control properties, please visit the pages below.
Mission Leading Concept Mission Leading Concept
Mission Leading Concept